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A contractor’s license is one of the most important assets it must protect. It requires that the license be properly maintained – at all times on all work – or face the fatal consequence of being forced to return ALL money paid to the contractor by the owner (with no offsets for the work performed) and not being able to recover any monies owed. The potential disciplinary exposure through agencies having jurisdiction over the licensee, like the CSLB, also requires contractors to further ensure that they are properly licensed at all times.

The contractor license attorneys at Flores Ryan, LLP have expertise in every aspect of contractor licensing. We provide the legal expertise to ensure that each licensing issue is handled efficiently and effectively.  Our extensive experience as contractor license attorneys allows us to advance contractor license issues strategically to maximize the likelihood of a rapid and successful result. 


CSLB Complaint Red Drawer
What You Need to Know About CSLB Complaints

This article covers the basics of Contractors State License Board Complaints.

Don’t Go Changin’…Unless You’ve Followed Your Change Order Procedure

An overview of how crucial it is for contractors to follow their change order procedures.

Get It Right: Reinstatement And Reissuance Of A Contractor’s License

The CSLB protects California’s consumers by regulating the construction industry to promote consumer and employee health, safety, and its general welfare.

CSLB Citations

Getting back to the basics of how a CSLB Citation works, this article will provide an overview of what every contractor should know.



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