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Flores Ryan, LLP serves the entire construction industry. We handle legal transactions and litigation for each of its unique stakeholders.

Legal transactions and litigation for the entire construction industry.

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Large verdicts against corporate defendants are way up, the insurance giant found.

Feds Offer New $1.2B Loan for Entek EV Battery Component Plant

Clayco is building 1.4-million-sq-ft Indiana plant to produce wet-process lithium-ion battery separators for EV batteries with

Work Starts on $1.2B Project to Block Great Lakes Asian Carp Invasion

Funding deal will push forward two-decade-plus effort to build barriers and take other steps to prevent

Report: Standardizations, Federal Commitment Needed for High-Speed Rail in the US

Environmental reviews and planning for projects should be separated, researcher says.

Panama Canal Officials Detail $1.6B Reservoir Project Needed to Bolster Water Supply

The proposed reservoir would take six years to construct allowing the canal to meet its water

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We provide a defined process for every phase of a matter and employ the latest technologies for efficient and reliable document management, case analysis, and budgeting. This allows us to deliver the information you need to evaluate risks, the posture you need to negotiate results, all while building your case to the strength necessary to win at trial or arbitration.

Who We Represent

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Construction Managers

Design Build Contractors

Engineering Contractors

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General Contractors

Home Improvement Contractors

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Representative Matters

  • Settlement of Direct Contractor’s differing site condition claim against public school district.
  • Successful bid protest through the Department of General Services due to Public Agency’s failure to deem the proposed awardee’s bid nonresponsive.
  • Resolution of second-tier public works subcontractor’s stop payment notice and payment bond claim on multi-site solar project.
  • Defense of Right to Repair Act claims asserted against subcontractor.
  • Verdict for Direct Contractor in jury trial against rebar subcontractor for claims of construction defects and breach of contract on Caltrans railroad overpass.
  • Successful representation of public works electrical subcontractor in scope of work and Subcontractor Listing Law dispute with Direct Contractor.
  • Judgment in favor of large hospital contractor in arbitration alleging construction defects against curtainwall subcontractor.
  • Settlement of alleged False Claim Act violations against public works Direct Contractor.