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Bid protests provide an opportunity for bidders to legally object to a public owner’s contract award. The bases for such objections can be nuanced and complex depending on the specific project requirements.  Bidders must know – before bidding – the bid protest procedures and what they may ultimately achieve, yet not recover, through their bid protest efforts.

The bid protest attorneys at Flores Ryan, LLP have expertise in every aspect of California and Federal bid protest laws. We provide our legal expertise to accomplish our client’s objectives under the applicable bid protest law. Our extensive experience as bid protest attorneys allows us to advance bid protests strategically to maximize the likelihood of a rapid and successful result.


Bid Protest glass ceiling
Bid Protest On California Public Works

This article generally covers the basic parameters for bid protests on California public works projects.

Responsibility hearing law
What Is Bidder Responsibility?

This article will generally cover bidder responsibility and the other various aspects of bidding such as prequalification and responsibility hearings.

Construction question: Mechanic's Lien, Stop Payment Notice, Or Bond Claim?
Mechanics Lien, Stop Payment Notice, Or Bond Claim?

This article covers eligibility and requirements for asserting a mechanics lien, stop payment notice or bond claim.

Boots of Contractor with Contractor's license maintained in good standing
Maintaining A California Contractors License In Good Standing

This article will cover the elements all contractors must pay attention to in order to ensure that their contractors license is properly maintained.



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