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Substandard workmanship is defined as work that fails to follow to the contract documents, specifications, or design plans. Substandard work disputes are categorized into 3 separate types: manufacturing, design, and warning defects. Anyone who contributes, builds, supervises, modifies, delivers supplies, or makes improvements to real property is eligible to have a claim taken out on them. Plaintiffs are allotted 3 years to file claims for damaged property and allotted 2 years to recover on claims for personal injury and wrongful death. 

The substandard workmanship attorneys at Flores Ryan, LLP have expertise in every aspect of substandard workmanship claims, defects, and strategies. We provide the legal expertise to ensure that substandard workmanship claims are properly prepared and filed.  Our extensive experience as substandard workmanship attorneys allow us to advance substandard workmanship claims strategically to maximize the likelihood of a rapid and substantial recovery.  


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