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The Right to Repair Act provides residential builders with a right to repair alleged defective construction before the homeowner can file a lawsuit for damages. The builder must be diligent to satisfy the strict deadlines required by the Act, otherwise the homeowner is released from having to further participate in the pre-litigation procedure. The Right to Repair Act also contains numerous functionality standards for construction which must be satisfied, along with specific statutes of limitation for certain residential construction work, which can be as short as one year from the close of escrow.

The Right to Repair Act attorneys at Flores Ryan, LLP have expertise in every aspect of Right to Repair Act procedures, deadlines, and strategies. We provide the legal expertise to ensure that construction defect claims are properly prepared and filed. Our extensive experience with the Right to Repair Act allows us to advance construction defect disputes to strategically maximize the likelihood of a rapid and substantial recovery. 


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Below you can generate the following forms that are applicable to reissuance and reinstatement: