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Insurance claims, whether they’re first party or third party claims, may arise in any field of the construction industry. Insurance policies are intended to financially protect and compensate those who have experienced some sort of the following coverage triggers such as: bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, wrongful acts, plus more not listed here. Insurance coverage may vary based on the type of work the insured does and the risk it poses. 

The insurance claim attorneys at Flores Ryan, LLP have expertise in every aspect of insurance claim requirements, deadlines, and strategies. We provide the legal expertise to ensure that insurance claims are properly prepared and filed.  Our extensive experience as insurance claim attorneys allows us to advance insurance claims strategically to maximize the likelihood of a rapid and substantial recovery.  


CSLB Citations

Getting back to the basics of how a CSLB Citation works, this article will provide an overview of what every contractor should know.

CSLB Complaint Red Drawer
What you need to know about CSLB complaints

This article covers the process of complaints and citations issued from the CSLB

CSLB Arbitration: Will It Work For Me?

Contractors can learn the specifics of what CSLB mandatory & voluntary arbitration is and the criteria required in order to participate in such arbitrations.

Boots of Contractor with Contractor's license maintained in good standing
Maintaining a California contractors license in good standing

This article will cover the elements all contractors must pay attention to in order to ensure that their contractors license is properly maintained.



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