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An easement is defined as the intangible interest in real property that also grants the easement owner a right to use the real property owned by the servient tenement. These agreements allow for the legal entry, modification, and maintenance of a servient estate. Easements can be used for more than just access to service roads, easements can be used to prevent another property owner from using the land and are commonly used when performing subsurface piping or wiring jobs. 

The easement attorneys at Flores Ryan, LLP have expertise in every aspect of easement procedures, strategies, and deadlines to expedite the easement process. We provide the legal expertise to ensure that easements are properly prepared and filed. Our extensive experience and knowledge on easements allow us to maximize the likelihood of a rapid and substantial easement recovery.


CSLB Citations

Getting back to the basics of how a CSLB Citation works, this article will provide an overview of what every contractor should know.

CSLB Complaint Red Drawer
What you need to know about CSLB complaints

This article covers the process of complaints and citations issued from the CSLB

Hammer Wielded by contractor with California contractor’s license
California Contractors' License - The Basics

Contractors can learn the limits of what their specific license allows them to do and can learn how to properly maintain their license.

CSLB Investigations: The Rules Of The Road

Many contractors do not know that they have important rights and protections during a CSLB investigation. What should a contractor do or not do, say or not say, when they receive a CSLB investigation letter?



Below you can generate the following forms that are applicable to citations: